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Product Code : Polyelectrolyte 101
Product Description

PRODUCT NAME: Polyelectrolyte

Physical Appearance: white powder


These is High & medium molecular weight polyelectrolyte which works effectively as primary coagulant as alone or with other inorganic chemical and charge neutralization agent in Textile effluent and also to eliminate color from the effluent.


Decolourant forms insoluble matter during coagulation and then settles down absorbing the colour along with it.


1.Economical to use due to low dosage requirement.

2.Effective over a wide pH range.

3.Wide molecular weight ranges available for specific applications.

4.Successful replacement of reduction of inorganic salts like ferrous sulphate and Lime.

5.Ability to simplify delivery system through direct feed.

6.Completely soluble at all concentrations.

7.Permanent elimination of colour from the effluent.

8.Effective in almost all types of dyes present in the effluent.

9. Significantly reduces the sludge generation level as compared to inorganic chemicals like ferrous sulphate, lime and other inorganic salts.


1. Effective removal of dye colour from the textile effluent.

2.Widely useful across various kinds of dyes.

3.Very effective in controlling BOD/COD thus being non harmful to the bio culture.

4.Can be effectively used in Distilleries, Pharmaceuticals, coffee and tea powder manufacturing units.

5.Dissolved air floatation promotes coagulation of solid matter.

6.Water Clarification Improves influent and effluent in contaminated streams and reducing colour Pt-Co, suspended solids and turbidity.


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